The ninetieth Annual Meeting of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches will be held at the DeVere Staverton Estate, from Wednesday 04 April to Saturday 07 April 2018.  Each congregation having thirty or more members over the age of eighteen may send TWO delegates; congregations with fewer than thirty members, fully recognised fellowships, district associations, and affiliated societies may send ONE delegate. Fellowships provisionally recognised may send visitors, one of whom may speak but not vote at the Business Meetings.  Associate Members are welcome to attend and may speak but not vote at the Business Meetings. The opening session of the Annual Business Meeting is scheduled to be held at 15:45 on Wednesday 04 April.

REGISTRATION  Registration forms will be sent with other Annual Meetings papers in December.  A separate form is required for each person.  This form may be photocopied locally as necessary.  Please complete the form and return it to Essex Hall by 14 February 2018 at the latest, with payment.  A late booking fee will be levied on applications received or unpaid after that date. We need to have bookings in by this date in order to meet the venue’s notice requirements. The final closing date for bookings is 07 March 2018.

We also have an online booking system, available in late December / early January.

The Venue and Conference charges are payable by all delegates and visitors, whether resident or not, as a contribution towards the costs of holding the meetings.

YOUNG ADULTS  Details of the system of subsidy for young adults are included with the registration form and should be filled in, if applicable.

INSURANCE  We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance at the time of registration as there can be no reimbursements for cancellations within six weeks of the start of the Annual Meetings, and refunds can only be made on accommodation.

DOCUMENTS  Annual Reports, Annual Meetings Handbooks, and all available details of the meetings will be distributed to registrants at least two weeks before the start of the meetings.

MOTIONS  In accordance with the GA Constitution: regular motions for the Annual Meeting should be received by the Chief Officer before 5pm on 07 February 2018 (giving the names of the proposer and seconder.  Please refer to the guidelines for submitting motions on our website, or request a copy from HQ. Background papers on the motions are requested and recommended, but are not a formal requirement. To help with ensuring materials are produced in a timely fashion, you are encouraged to send motions in as soon as possible. Motions to amend the Constitution must be received earlier, please refer to the GA Constitution for details.

(a) Motions submitted by district associations or affiliated societies must be supported by a majority of the relevant governing body of the association or society.  They should be submitted officially by the Secretary or Chair of the body.

(b) Motions submitted by congregations must be supported by a majority of the relevant governing body of the congregation. They should be submitted officially by the Secretary or Chair of the group.

(c) Motions submitted by ministers, lay pastors, approved lay leaders, Honorary Members or Executive Committee members must be endorsed by at least twelve such individual voting members of the Assembly and their signatures should be appended to the motions received by the Chief Officer.

Please refer to the Motions Guidance document for further information on how to write a motion or background paper.

Requisite notice of motions submitted will be given by circular and in The Inquirer at least thirty days before the start of the Meetings.